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Member Newsletter - July 2023

Summer is almost done and school is about to start! Hope everyone had some amazing summer vacations, and got away from the Louisiana heat.



New Learn to Skate Session

The next Learn To Skate Session will begin Monday August 6th

The session will span 12 weeks and the last day of the session is Monday November 7th.

Reminder that the sessions are now broken out by level.


Classes offered: Basic 4-6


Classes offered: Snowplow Sam 1 -4 , Basic 1-3

Registration is now open.

For more information or to sign up, use the following link:

Elite Class is Back

Our Elite Class is back! This is a great opportunity to learn beyond Learn to Skate and start learning more about figure skating, competitions, testing, and more. You can see where you would like to take your skating.

This class is for Pre-Freeskate and up.

You will learn:

  • Level Elements

  • Warm up

  • Cool Down

  • MIF - Pre-Pre/Pre and be able to test

Holiday Show

We know it is early to start thinking about your Annual Holiday show, it comes faster than we know it.

Our Holiday show is a place for skaters to do a solo, duet, trio, or small group performances. You will then get assigned a coach to put the program together. More information will be sent out next month with sign up options and date and time of the show in December.

However, we wanted to keep it on everyone's radar.

Reminder, in order to participate in our shows or events, you have to be a member of our club or a LTS USA club member. The program will also have to be put together by a club approved coach.

If you have any questions, let us know.


In Skating This Month

Testing Structure Updates

This season USFS has updates to the test names found in the U.S. Figure Skating testing structure. These updates include:

  • Moves in the Field is now called Skating Skills

  • Free Skate is now called Singles

  • Pre-juvenile through senior tests have been renamed to reflect a gold, silver, and bronze path

  • For all pattern dances, skaters may choose the lead or follow track

  • The congratulatory test email is being revamped, so you can celebrate your skating journey accomplishments with your friends! Starting in August, these will go out monthly to include social sharing assets, store discounts and more to celebrate your achievement

These changes do not directly affect the elements within each test. We encourage you to continually challenge yourself and your skating skills. Tests become more difficult as you advance, so each test passed is a huge accomplishment and cause for celebration!

For more information about these changes, please get with your coach or Skating Director.



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