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Learn to Skate

Are you interested in learning how to ice skate for the first time?  Or to brush up on your skills?

Our program will introduce and challenge each participant to the basics of ice skating in a friendly, fun, and safe learning environment. The program is designed to keep skater enthusiastic about learning to skate from the first time they begin lessons until the time they reach their goals. Our highly qualified skating coaches are members of United States Figure Skating (USFS). 

The objectives of the program are:

  • To provide a fun and safe skating experience for the beginner and the more advanced skater

  • To teach the correct technique of the basic skills of skating

  • To develop and achieve the necessary skills of skating for fun or competitive skating

  • To promote physical fitness

  • Overall have fun!!!

For Learn to Skate and Elite a LTS USA membership is required and needs to be renewed yearly in order to keep signing up for class.


For beginners please choose the 6:30pm class on Mondays. For SPS 1 - Basic 3.

If you book the class after the start date, you will get refunded the amount that you have missed. You can not book the class if there is only 3 weeks left of class.

Class Structure: 


Classes offered:  Basic 4-6

Classes offered: Snowplow Sam 1 -4 , Basic 1-3

Elite Program: Pre-Freeskate or Freeskate 1 and up.


  • Level Elements

  • Warm up

  • Cool Down

  • MIF - Pre-Pre/Pre and be able to test

This leaves 5 minutes between classes for skaters to get off the ice and new skaters to get to their class.

With this restructure, we have also added some Practice Ice time during our Freestyle Session for our Learn to Skate members to be able to still have your practice time.


Practice Ice - 5:30-6pm during freestyle
This practice ice time is limited levels - Basic 1 and up only.

This practice Ice time will be an additional fee of $5 per session.  This will need to be scheduled every time before getting on the ice, weekly.

A package will be offered for the number of classes that session will have to be used to schedule during LTS Practice Session . Purchased via Fit by Wix.

Classes are as follows:


Fall Semester: Mid-August to End of November (12 weeks)

Spring Semester: Mid to early Jan to End of April/Beginning of May (12 weeks)

Summer Semester: June and July only (8-week session)

There is a 20% discount for multiple family members.

Our Classes are held at Planet Ice Rink:

4317 Johnston St
Lafayette, LA 70503

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