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Learn to Skate Newsletter - June 2022

It's summer time! Welcome sun and welcome June. We have exciting news to share as well as the recap of the highly successful Candyland Show and information regarding upcoming summer camp and new Learn to Skate session!


Test Corner

The following skaters passed tests in the last two months. Congratulations to all of our amazing skaters. Keep up the good work and Skater to Great!

Lucien passed Snowplow Sam 1 & 2.

(Left to Right) Elizabeth Gaubert, Renee Morra, and Janette Nussbaumber passed Basic 1.

(Left to Right) Marlene Morra and Marissa Penn passed Basic 1.

Monroe Vaughn passes Basic 1.

(Left to Right) Madison Mayfield, Natalie Keefer, Emma Larson, Kamilla Hedges, Maxens Casetta, and Jenna Nussbaumber passed Basic 2.

Elizabeth Gaubert and Renee Morra passesd Basic 2.

Marlen Morra passed Basic 2 & 3.

Natalie Keefer passed Basic 3.

Maxens Casetta, Jenna Nussbaumber, and Kamilla Hedges passed Basic 3.

Olivia Gunawan and Jessie Dugas passed Basic 3.

Olivia Gunawan passed Basic 4.

(Left to Right) Evalyn Mason, Eleanora Carriker, Lucy Johnson, Malina Boise, and Emma Breaux passed Basic 4.



New Session Begins Soon

Our new Learn to Skate Session starts on June 6 at 6 pm. We hope you all will sign up to spend a part of your summer with us! You can sign up here.

Please make sure to arrive 15-20 minutes early to meet your coach and get fitted for skates/put skates on. Remember that even though it is summer OUTSIDE, it is still cool INSIDE, so we should all wear pants (no jeans) and jackets that do not hinder movement and long socks that are not too thick. If you choose to wear a skirt, please wear shorts underneath.

If you have any trouble signing up, or have any questions or concers, please email the club at Hope to see you all out on the ice soon!


The Candyland show was a sweet success! We are so incredibly proud of the skaters and all of their hard work! Thank you to all members, parents, coaches and volunteers that helped prepare and run the event! Pictures from the professional photographers will be available soon, and we look forward to sharing them!!

Congratulations to all of our skaters for a job well done!

Summer Camp

Summer Camp 2022 sign up is now available!

* The camp is open to all skaters in levels Basic 5 and up. We will be splitting skaters by level throughout the camp.

* Camp activities will be similar to those from last year's camp, but this year the sessions will be 2 hours each with on and off ice training.

* Please sign up through Fit by Wix; Go To SERVICES, click on SUMMER CAMP.

* Feel free to email questions to

FSCLA Member Accepts Position with Disney on Ice!

Congratulations to Chesnee Vincent and best wishes as she joins the Disney on Ice team. We are so proud of you Chesnee, and thank you for the leadership and friendship you have shown in the FSCLA.

A Bittersweet Goodbye

The FSCLA wishes to thank the Boise Family for their incredible contribution to the club and our very best of luck to all of you as you embark on your next adventure.

Coach Jodi, you and your many talents will be missed and Macey and Malina too.

We hope to see you all at skating events shining bright.

Our Sincerest Thanks to You!


Parent Connection

Membership? What's that and why would I need it?

Many people have these questions, and as we approach the skating new year it's important that ya'll have all the info you need to make an informed decision.

FSCLA Membership

What is it? Being a member of the Figure Skating Club of Louisiana means being a part of our skating family. Membership allows you cheaper Freestyle Ice time, where skaters are taught private lessons and have room to practice. The club holds at least 2 parties each year for it's members to celebrate all of their hard work and to have fun with each other. Members are able to purchase special merchandise, as well. All skaters who are members are eligible to participate in competition and test sessions, which members sometimes travel together for. There are 4 different kinds of membership:

  • Active Skater - This includes a membership to USFSA and is for skaters going to competitions and test sessions, skate on Freestyle Ice, and participate in skating programs.

  • Collegiate Skater - This includes a membership to USFSA is good for 4 years. This membership is for skaters currently enrolled in college who are going to competitions and test sessions, skate on Freestyle Ice time, and participate in skating programs.

  • Coach - This is strictly for coaches who are teaching private or group lessons for FSCLA.

  • General - This is only for membership to FSCLA and is for parents, volunteers and board members.

Overall, joining FSCLA means joining a close knit community where skaters, parents, coaches, and volunteers can make life-long friendships.

How do I sign up? Download the membership application here, fill it out, and turn it in with payment to either Coach Pam or Coach Siobhan. It's that simple! After your application is approved you will be notified as such.

LTS USA Membership

What is it? Learn to Skate USA is our club's National Governing Body for our Learn to Skate Program. This is where all coaches get their curriculum to teach their skaters, from Snowplow Sam all the way through Freeskate 6! Even our Hockey curriculum comes from them (yes, we coach Hockey too!). Membership to LTS USA allows skaters and parents access to an online portal full of amazing and helpful info, as well as the LTS USA magazine that arrives monthly. Skaters with this membership can also compete in competitions and test sessions all over the USA!

How do I sign up? Signing up for FSCLA's Learn to Skate program automatically sign you up for a LTS USA membership. This does only sign up the skater, though. Parents are also eligible to sign up as LTS USA members here.

USFSA Membership

What is it? The United States Figure Skating Association allows skaters, parents, volunteers and coaches to become members. Membership to USFSA allows you access to upper and lower level competitions and test sessions. Members also have access to an online portal through, which is full of helpful info and figure skating news. Skaters can also keep track of their competitions and test session results. USFSA has a magazine, SKATING, that is sent out each month so members can keep up to date on the latest skating news, apparel, and competition results. USFSA is our club's National Governing Body and under them we must follow all of their rules and regulations. This allows us to use the curriculum and bring skaters to special events Nationwide.

How do I sign up? If you sign up as a member of FSCLA you also become a member of USFSA! If you would like to become a member of only USFSA, you can apply for membership here.

As you can see, there are many benefits to joining FSCLA, LTS USA, and USFSA. Whatever your skating journey looks like, FSCLA is here to help you achieve your goals.


In Skating This Month

Boitano, D'Ambrosio Raise $300,000 for Ukranian Refugees.



"A really important part of competition is coming back, trying to do it better the second time than you did it the first."

-Brian Boitano, Olympic Gold Medalist


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