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FSCLA Newsletter - March 2024

Spring is in the air!



Learn to Skate/Elite

We only have a few more weeks left of Learn to Skate and Elite. Reminder we are taking a break at the end of March to May for the spring show practices.

Last day of class is March 25th (4 weeks away).


Spring Show

We are about to kick off our skating show practice on March 30th. If you have not already downloaded the Practice Schedule from the post in the group, please do so now. Make sure you make note of when you need to be there.

It is important that everyone attends all of the practices they are assigned to. Due to the limited amount of time we have to put this together, along with how elaborate this production will be; if you do not show up for your required part, you may be removed from the production.

Sign ups for volunteer hours to help with the show will be going out soon to all club members. Be on the look out for that.

Reminder our show is on May4th at 10:30am and 3:30pm. Tickets are $10 at the door.



Some of our club skaters are going to be participating in the Houston Invitational on March 8-10th.

We want to wish everyone luck next weekend!

Alivia Guillory

Jenna Nuss

Sophia Goings


Wendy Smith


FSCLA Board and Membership Reminders

It is that time of year where it is time to re-elect our board members and renew our FSCLA/USFS memberships.

A reminder on who is on the board: Click Here

Are you interested in being on the board? Email us at with what position you would be interested in. We have plenty of spots to fill and love to expand our board with people who want to take on a more active role.

FSCLA/USFS membership renewals are on June 1st. Invoices will start going out to you in May. If you do not plan on renewing your membership, please email the club ASAP. If you do not get an invoice by the end of May, please email the club.


Q & A

Do you want to get involved more?

Let us know! We would love to have more parents helping out with our program and board.

Do you have a question that you think others would need to know? Is there something that you know now that you wish you would have known at the beginning of your skater's journey?

Email us at We would love to know and post up your comments, advise, and questions.


Skating in our Community

Theme Nights at Planet Ice

Did you know that Planet Ice is doing theme nights?

Make sure to pick out your favorite night and grab some friends to go skating.

They even did an Adult night recently and they plan on doing more.



  • Spring Show (A Halloween Tale) practices start March 30th at 9am - everyone is required to attend.

  • Learn to Skate ends March 25th.

  • Membership Renewals are coming up.

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