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Learn To Skate June Newsletter 2021

Welcome to the first monthly FSCLA Learn to Skate (LTS) Newsletter. This issue is for skaters enrolled in LTS and their parents/guardians. We will use this newsletter to keep you all informed on monthly issues, as best we can, though we will still be posting in the GroupMe and sending regular emails when need be.

This issue is extra special, not only because it is our 1st, but because it marks an important milestone for LTS USA. We have a new session starting up this month, and camps this summer too. Read on to find out more!

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Test Corner

We would like to shine a light on our skater who pass their tests and advance to the next level. In the following issues we will be place a group photo of all the skaters who passed a LTS test, holding their badge they receive after passing. We will their their name, age, and level passes. Please keep in mind that this may not be in every issue, and that's okay! We do not test skaters unless they are ready to move on. Remembering to have fun is the most important thing!



New Session Begins

We have a new summer session starting up this week on Monday, June 7th. Class will run from 6 pm to 7 pm, as usual. If it is your first time, though, please remember to arrive 15-20 minutes early. This give the skater time to try on skates, meet their coaches, and have a safety lesson before hopping on the ice. Remember to wear warm clothes, such as pants, long sleeve shirts, gloves, jackets, and long socks. If a skater is under 6 years old a helmet is recommended but not required. This is going to be a great 8 weeks and we can't wait to see ya'll out on the ice!


There is a camp starting this week, on June 8th at 5 pm, for all skaters who are at Basic 5 and above. Any skater not in at least Basic 5 is not eligible for this summer's camps. There will be other opportunities in the future, however. For those attending, we will work on many different aspects and elements to broaden participants skating horizons! Sign up on the Leevo website and email the club with any questions.


In Skating This Month

Happy 5th Birthday Learn To Skate USA!

This month marks 5 years of Learn to Skate USA sharing its passion for ice skating with skaters everywhere. Below are 5 ways we can join in on the birthday fun!

5th Birthday Virtual 5K

Run or walk your way to 5K to celebrate Learn to Skate USA's 5th Birthday. FSCLA will be hosting a 5K in the month of July for all of our LTS and club members. Upon completion, all persons registered will receive a limited-edition race medal. LTS members who complete the 5K on the Learn to Skate USA app will receive a commemorative pin and digital badge, as well. More information to come.

Essay and Video Challenge

Starting now until June 15th, Learn to Skate USA is accepting essays and videos answering the prompt "I love skating because..." Skaters can choose to write 200 words or create a 30 second video and send in their submissions here. All submissions will be showcased on the Learn to Skate USA's social media and website at the end of June. You can read more about the essay and video challenge here.

Try a Yummy On- and Off-Ice Challenge

Each tier of the Birthday Cake features a different healthy initiative. Complete each one 5 times throughout the month to climb to the top of the cake!

Take the Name Drop Challenge

Last summer, skaters nationwide took the Name Drop Challenge, spelling out their names in the form of various workouts and challenging friends to do the same. This time, we are challenging you! But instead of spelling out your name, spell out one of the following phrases:

  • Learn to Skate USA

  • Five Years

  • Happy Birthday

Share what phrase you completed with us and LTS USA on social media using #LearnToSkateUSA and #NameDropChallenge!

When I Skate, I Feel...

How do you feel when you skate? Share your thoughts by using the "When I Skate, I Feel..." prompt! We will have the prompt available at Learn to Skate classes for any student who wishes to participate. Skaters can have their photo taken of themselves on the ice with the prompt and the club will share it to our social media, and the skater if they so choose, using #LearnToSkateUSA and #WhenISkateIFeel.



"My personal story has always been about perseverance and always getting up when I fall. Maybe I'm not Olympic champion, but I can teach the world about that."

-Jeremy Abbott

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