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Learn to Skate

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Learn to Skate ends tonight.

The next session will start on June 3rd. Registration is posted up on the website.

Lisa Johnson
Lisa Johnson
Mar 25

Great. So June 3 looks like the next session?


Sselling Lucy's size 5 skates. They were sharpened about a month back. Paid $130 13 months ago. We need the next size up. Asking $65, they're not perfect. Have a few blemishes from practice.

Pam Kaminsky

The new Learn to Skate session is now up on Leevo. It will start on August 22nd. Mondays from 6-7pm for 12 weeks.

Let us know if you have any questions.

Marissa Penn


    Welcome to the Learn to Skate Group. Here is where there wil...


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