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Good afternoon!!! As promised, I have additional information about the raffle tickets. They are $1 each. They are in 10 ticket bundles. Cash only when you hand in your tickets please. The due date is April 29th. The tickets were handed out today. Additional tickets can also be picked up from Candace during LTS on Monday. As previously stated this fundraiser is earmarked for a harness ( maybe even 2 of them). A harness is a necessity in skating's highly competitive world. The coach is able to direct the take-off curve, control the speed, keep the skater straight in the air,and keep the skaters back in position upon landing while minimizing injury while learning jumps. In the past our skaters were having to drive to Texas to rent a harness. Successful fundraising events such as this one will allow The Figure Skating Club of Louisiana to bring cutting edge technology and equipment to your child's rink. Thank you for your support and helping skaters of The Figure Skating Club of Louisiana BE THE BEST THEY CAN BE❤️

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Welcome to the Learn to Skate Group. Here is where there wil...


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