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Good morning!!!! We look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow for Spring Show practice!!! Thanks to the hard work of our Fundraiser Chair Mrs. Lacey Guidry, our raffle tickets will be ready for pickup tomorrow starting at 9:45. These can also be picked up on Monday March 27th during LTS. More information will be available on tomorrow. This fundraiser is earmarked to fund our harness (maybe even two of them). A harness is a necessity in skating's highly competitive world. The coach is able to direct the take- off curve, control speed, keep the skater's back in position upon landing while minimizing injury while learning jumps. In the past our skaters have had to drive to Texas for harness rental. With your help in successful fundraising events such as this one, The Figure Skating Club of Louisiana can offer cutting edge technology and equipment needed to give our skaters the competitive edge needed to be the BEST THEY CAN BE!!! Thank you for your support!!!!

Jada Jenkins


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