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INFORMATION: Ticket pick up starts this Saturday September 9th at the rink from 8-9am. Tickets can be picked up during free skate by contacting any board member or coach. Please return unsold tickets/ money by September 30th. This will allow us to gauge the amount of sausage and buns to order. Po boy pick up will be Saturday October 14th at the rink from 12-2 pm. The cost for a po boy/chips/drink will be $10.

Volunteer hours will be available for working on October 14th and by donating items. 1 hour earned for every 10 tickets sold. 30 min for donating an item. Candice will post a sign up sheet with details about items and amount needed.

A free LTS lesson will be given from 1-1:30 pm during public skate ( admission to the rink is required).

Janette Nussbaumer
Lisa Johnson
Lisa Johnson
Sep 11, 2023

Lucy can take home tickets tonight



Welcome to the Learn to Skate Group. Here is where there wil...


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