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Learn to Skate

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Volunteers Needed

The rink is holding a 10 year anniversary celebration on Sept 4th, starting at 12 pm and ending at 11 pm. The Club will be there from 12 pm to 4 pm. At 3 pm we will be holding a Skating Clinic where we will teach skaters Basics 1-2. We will have a table set up to give out information and try to get people to sign up for Learn to Skate.

We are asking any club member, parent, and Learn to Skate participant who can take time out of their Saturday to come and help - to support The Figure Skating Club of Louisiana and the rink and have fun while you do it!

Please let us know if and when you are able to volunteer your time this coming Saturday.

Unknown member
Sep 01, 2021

I am still planning on coming. I plan to come to LTS and then stay for the rest of the day.



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