To help improve your skills as a skater on and off the ice

Power Skating

Our Power Skating classes are geared toward improving individual skater agility through lower body endurance and core strength training.  We will be working on different parts of the body every week along with stepping up your skating skills.

Each class will be about 40-45 minutes long.  The first 20 minutes will be the Endurance and Strength Training. The last 20 minutes will focus on either jumps, spins, edges, or etc.  

This class is meant for all ages and for skaters who can skate forward, backward, and stop. Power Skating will bring your skating to the next level.

Class is held Fridays from 6-6:45pm

$40 for 4 classes

Jumps and Spins Class

This class it help learn new techniques for your jumps and spins.  Or if you haven't learned a specific jump or spin yet, it is a great time to learn!  The class is meant for anyone in Freestyle 3 and above.

Each week will be either a jump or spin.  The schedule will be put up on the calendar on the home page of which one it will be and who will be teaching the class.

Classes are on Saturdays at 9:30-10am

$60 for 4 classes

Footwork and Moves in the Field

This class is for everyone to work on their edges, three turns, and more.  You will be able to learn all of your Dance Step Sequences for testing in ISI and learn Moves in the Field patterns from USFS.  You will learn new warm up routines, strengthen your skating skills, and prepare yourself for testing.

Classes are on Saturdays from 9-9:30am

$60 for 4 Classes

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