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Elite Program

This class is for any skater that has completed the Basic Skills levels.

The Elite Program is a great program to start learning more about Figure Skating and develop further your skating skills along with having opportunities to test Moves in the Field (Skating Skills).

Things that we will learn

  • Warm up on and Off the Ice

  • Level Elements for Pre-FreeSkate to Free Skate 4

  • Take Pre-Preliminary and Preliminary MIF (Skating Skills) Tests

  • Artistry

  • Stretching

  • Off Ice Exercises

  • Power Skating

  • Learn Choreography

  • How to Practice on your Own

What you will nee to bring to each class:

  • Water

  • Notebook

  • Pen or Pencil

  • Tennis Shoes or Exercise Shoes

  • Yoga Mat

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