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Summer Plans for Skating


New Learn to Skate Session is now open for registration!

This session will be Mondays - 8 Weeks from June 5th - July 31st - $140 per skater

Click below to register for the appropriate classes;

Beginners to Basic 3

Basic 4 to Basic 6

We will be bringing back our Elite class as well. This will be also 8 weeks from June 5th - July 31st from 7-8pm $240


Summer Camp

We have made plans for a camp this summer. It will be just a two day camp hosted on Saturday July 8th and July 15th from 9-12. Two hours of on ice training, and 1 hour of off ice training. This will be a great time to learn all about new skating skills, work on things that you have issues with, and help you create new habits for your practice.

To qualify to sign up for the camp you have to be currently in Basic 5 and up.

Classes will be broken down by level and new skills will be taught slightly above the level, but in accordance with your training schedule of learning. There will be opportunities to learn higher level things along with learning from upper level coaches.

We will also be introducing Chorography at a higher level, arm movements, and Moves in the Field. During the off ice training there will be strength training, jumping techniques, stretching, and much more.

To sign up, go to the website to programs, and sign up. You can also sign up via Fit by Wix, under services.

The dates of the camp are July 8th and 15th from 9-12pm. The cost of the camp is $150 per skater.

Each skater who signs up BEFORE Jun 15th will receive a camp T-Shirt, water bottle, notebook, and goodie bag.

Things that are needed for camp will be provided to those who sign up the week before camp.

If you have any questions, please email us at

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Is there an option for summer camp if the student can only go to 1 of the available dates? We will be on vacation July 8th.

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