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New Freestyle Session Scheduling Procedures

We are going to be moving away from Schedulicity due to the service no longer providing integration to Square. We believe we found a good alternate. We will start using a service called Wix that already is associated with our website.

You can click on the below links to bring you to the version you plan on using to book Freestyle

  • App You can only book one person at a time using the App. You will also need to download the app for announcements, see blog posts, and more information club related.

  • Website - You can book up to 4 people at a time using the Website


Using the App

Fit by Wix

Click below for the links to the app store associated with your phone



Once you have downloaded it, you will need the code MG8GZS.

If you have created an account with our site, that is your username and password. If not, please create an account.


Once you log in you will be able to update your profile, see who else is a member of the site, read blog posts, and also to see any announcements.

You will be able to see all the available Freestyle sessions right at the top.

Others can message you directly in the app as well. You will see the upper right-hand corner has a chat feature.

You can also open up the calendar to be able to see more than just next week's freestyle sessions.

The dots indicate what days have freestyle sessions on them.

Once you have decided which session you want to participate in, click on the day and select the time you are wanting to attend.

This screen will pop up confirming what session you want and who has also registered for that session.

Click on Choose a Pricing Option to complete the process or it will say book now if you already have a package/punch care purchased

A reminder that you can only book one person at a time using the app.

Either Pay for one session or purchase the


Once you pick either a single session or buying the package that you want to use.