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Membership and Show Meeting


Membership meeting:

For this year's membership meeting we encourage everyone that is a member or is interested in being a member to come to the meeting on January 29th at 10:30 am.

At this meeting we will:

  • Hand out a new copy of the By-Laws

  • Talk about Volunteer Hours

  • Talk about Board positions and how to join the board

  • Events planned for 2022

If you want to make sure you stay connected to what the club is doing, we highly recommend you come to the meeting. If you want to get more involved, to help us grow the programs and club, please come!


Show Meeting:

We will be having a Show Meeting on January 29th at 11:30 am. This meeting should not be more than 30-45minutes

All skaters who are even thinking about performing in the Show must attend. Since all info for the Show will be given out at the meeting, if you do not attend, you will not be permitted to perform in the 2022 Spring Show.

Sign-up will be immediately after the Meeting. Everyone is required to be in the group for this show.

At Sign up:

  • You will sign up for the show

  • Get measured for a costume

  • Collect picture forms

  • Pay

If you do not attend, you will not be able to participate. No late registrations will be accepted.

All important dates and information for the show will be handed out at the meeting.

Show Theme: Candy Land

Tentative Show Date: May 21st.

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Jada Jenkins
Jada Jenkins
27 Oca 2022

Both Mark and I will be there!

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