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Learn to Skate Newsletter - February 2022

Happy Valentines Day from FSCLA! We have some very fun things happening this month. Along with lots of News there is a very interesting Parent Connect. Read on to see what's going on this month.


Test Corner

All of our skaters are working so hard to lean more and more each week this past month and we are all so proud of all of you! No one has tested this past month. Keep working hard and keep skating!



National Skating Month Continues

During Olympic years, USFS extends National Skating Month through February, so that we can share our love for skating even more. There are many fun ways for everyone to celebrate. You can download & print, or ask a coach for a copy of, the following to Skate Your Way to Great this month!


FSCLA will be holding a free clinic on Saturday, 1/19, during the 12-3 pm public session. Volunteering to help with this clinic will help you fill your volunteer hours, if you are a Club Member. We will have a table set up, be handing out flyers, and talking with the people in our community about our love of skating. We will also be helping anyone interested sign up for Learn to Skate. During the clinic, we will be teaching people Basic 1 & 2 and playing some fun games. It will be a fun-filled afternoon and we hope you join us!

Mardi Gras

There will be NO Learn to Skate classes on 2/28, due to Lundi Gras. We will pick back up the following Monday, March 7.

Spring Show

FSCLA held a meeting for our upcoming Spring Show this past weekend, 1/29. Skaters were able to get all the Show info, sign-up, purchase pictures, order programs, place ads in the programs, get measured for their costumes, & sign up for a job. Sign-up for the Show is now CLOSED. If you have not ordered pictures, programs, or purchased ad space in the program, and still want to, there's still time! Don't wait to get with a coach if interested.

Board Membership

The following people are Board Members of FSCLA:

President-Jodi Boise

Vice-President - Siobhan McAuliffe

Secretary - Lacey Guidry

Treasurer - Pam Kaminsky

The following people are Chair-people of FSCLA:

Show Chair - Shelly Boone

Skater Representative - Olivia Picou

Policy & Procedure Chair - Lucy Melancon

Communications Chair - Erin Chrisman

The following positions are currently open:

Parent Representative

Test Chair

Membership Chair

FSCLA will be holding elections in June. All members will be notified when it is time to vote. Until then, speak with a Board Member or Chair-person with any questions you have concerning Board Membership and/or Board Member's jobs. You can also find that information in the Club's By-Laws, which were handed out at the meeting.

We encourage all Learn to Skate participants to get involved with the club. The above information is for your edification, should you ever have a problem, question, or concern you can use this information to know who to speak with. If you are ever unsure who to speak with, you can always speak to a coach or email the club. If you are interested in becoming a member or simply want more info about the club/membership please feel free to speak with any of the Board Members listed above or email the club.


Parent Connection

What is the Difference Between Moves in the Field and Free Skate?

Moves in the Field. Moves in the Field are basically, edges and turns. Collectively, they encompass any extended edge move, or connecting moves, and can be included in footwork or step sequences. In the mid 1990’s, MIF replaced compulsory figures with tests of progressively difficult edge and step patterns. Before, a skater would learn turns such as brackets, rockers and counters by tracing a precise figure on the ice, whereas now, skaters are expected to perform the turns with power, quickness, carriage, extension, and flow. There are 8 levels within MIF.

A skater must first pass the prerequisite Moves in the Field Test for each level before the respective free skating or free dance tests can be taken. A skater may test consecutive Moves in the Field (MIF) levels without having passed any Free Skating (FS) levels. An example would be a skater that has passed Juvenile MIF but no Free Skate test, so they will compete at Pre-Preliminary FS level.

There is a separate Adult Track, which is Pre-Bronze, Bronze, Silver, and Gold. After an Adult has passed their Gold Test, they would proceed to take the Intermediate test if they choose to continue.

Free Skate. The Free Skate Test is where the skater must skate the selected elements (jumps, spins and connecting steps) for the level testing on good edges, form, flow, power and preciseness. The skater must also skate to music and utilize the ice (Pre-Preliminary does not require music). As mentioned previously, the MIF test must be passed before taking the respective Free Skate test. There are also 8 levels. The Free Skate level determines what level the skater is in for competitions if that is what they choose to do.


In Skating This Month

The 2022 Winter Olympics will be held February 4-20, 2022, in Beijing, China. Olympic figure skating includes the team event, pairs, men’s singles and women’s singles. Both singles and pairs have a short program and free skate component, while ice dance has a short dance and free dance. The team event includes eight parts — the two components for each discipline. You can watch on NBC, Peacock, USA Network, CNBC, and the NBC Sports app. Below is a list of when you can watch specific events.

Thursday, Feb. 3

8:55 p.m. ET — Team event: Men’s, pairs short program; rhythm dance

Saturday, Feb. 5

8:30 p.m. ET — Team event: Women’s short program, pairs free skate

Sunday, Feb. 6

8:15 p.m. ET — Team event: Men’s and women’s free skate, free dance

Sunday, Feb. 7

8:15 p.m. ET — Men’s short program

Wednesday, Feb. 9

8:30 p.m. ET — Men’s free skate

Saturday, Feb. 12

6 a.m. ET — Rhythm dance

Sunday, Feb. 13

8:15 p.m. ET — Ice dance

Tuesday, Feb. 15

5 a.m. ET — Women’s short program

Wednesday. Feb. 16

11 p.m. ET — Women’s free skate



“One piece of advice that I would give to any young athlete or performer is remember to thank your mom.”

– Meryl Davis


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