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FSCLA Monthly Newsletter: March 2021

Updated: Apr 4

March is here everyone and that means so is Spring, and with that comes the Spring Show. We've chosen our first fundraiser of the year and hope you all will participate and help our club. March 8th is International Woman's Day, with March being Woman's History Month. There are many influential women in figure skating who have changed not just the sport, but the world around them.

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Skater of the Month:

Melissa Abraham

Age: 39

Level: ISI - Freestyle 2; USFS - Preliminary Dancing and Pre-Preliminary Moves in the Field

Hometown: Iowa, Louisiana

Coach: Sue Coates

How I Got Started: I went to the Louisiana Hockeyplex in Carencro back in 2002 to try out some ice skate I had bought while visiting my grandparents in Phoenix. It was my third year in college. I saw a flier for the Learn to Skate program, and my parents told me that my grades were so good that they thought I could use a little ice skating and fun. (It definitely pays to make good grades!) I had dreamed of figure skating ever since I saw the 1994 Winter Olympics, so every time I step on the ice is a dream come true. I've never lost that joy.

Hobbies: Playing the piano, dancing, creative writing, and cross-stitching

Favorite Elements: Spirals, Lunges, and Forward Outside and Inside School Figures

Favorite Skaters: Scott Hamilton, Michelle Kwan, Meryl Davis, and Charlie White

Goals: for now, I would really love to finally pass my Pre-Bronze ice dancing test for USFS and complete Freestyle 3 in ISI. After that, I know I'll be looking forward to the next step!

Spring Show

It's Spring Show time everybody! The theme is Once Upon a Time...

The Spring Show will be held on May 8th, with two showings, @ 10 am and 3 pm. The first showing will be for family and friends, and the second will be for the public. All skaters who participate in the show will be required to do both showings. Sign-up forms will be handed out this coming week.

If you do not already have a coach and would like to participate in the show, please get with one asap for info about signing up. There will be a group performance for the Learn to Skaters as well, and we encourage all who are in LTS to participate. More information on when practices for the group performance to come.


We have chosen our first fundraiser of the year and we hope everyone will get involved and help our club raise some money.

You can post this picture on your social media, around your neighborhood, or simply tell your friends, family, and neighbors about it. Each skater is responsible for filling the eggs and place them in the yards. Money must be submitted to a club official, no later than March 27th.

All skaters who are already members of the club must participate. We encourage any skaters who are interested in joining the club to join in the fundraiser as well! Please get with a club official if you have any questions.

In Skating This Month

International Women's Day / Woman's History Month

There are many woman in figure skating who have given so much to the world, on and off the ice. This month we celebrate women like the few listed below.

Michelle Kwan

  • Won Silver & Bronze at Olympics, been a World Champion 5 times, and a US National Champion for a record 9 times.

  • Known for her artistry, consistency, and expression on the ice

  • One of the highest-paid skaters in the US

  • Became a diplomatic ambassador and served as an adviser to the US-China Women's Leadership Exchange and Dialogue (Women's-LEAD)

  • "I didn't lose the Gold, I won the Silver." - Michelle Kwan

Kimberly "Kimmie" Meissner

  • First American and woman to simultaneously hold the World, Four Continents, and national titles.

  • Second American woman to land the triple Axel jump in the national competition.

  • Was compared to Michelle Kwan, who called her "the new face of figure skating".

  • Is now working in the medical field and coaching young skaters in Maryland.

  • "If you don't have fun, it's hard to do your best. It's not going to be enjoyable." - Kimmie Meissner

Carol Heiss

  • Won the US Novice Ladies' title,at age 11 in 1951, the Junior Ladies' title, in 1952, and then moved up to the senior level in 1953.

  • She competed with a slashed Achilles' tendon at the 1954 US Championships

  • At the 1960 Winter Olympics Heiss won Gold and was ranked 1st by all 9 judges.

  • She was the first woman to land a double Axel and one of her trademarks was performing a series of alternating clockwise and counterclockwise single Axels.

  • Went on to have a career in acting - she starred in multiple movies and TV shows - as well as coaching

  • "I've always been passionate about skating. I still am, I just love the sport, everything that goes with it. Everything." - Carol Heiss

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