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FSCLA Members Newsletter July 2021

There is so much happening for our club this month! As we skate our way into July we have a new Skater of the Month, a 5K to prep for, and our final Camp. Read on for all that and more!

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Skater of the Month

Brittany Guidry

Age: 29 years old

Level: Basic 5

Hometown: Grand Coteau

Coach: Pam Kaminsky

How I Got Started: I've always loved watching skating on television and once I found out that it was offered locally I had to try.

Hobbies: Reading and gardening

Favorite Element(s): Spins and Lunges

Favorite Skater(s): Surya Bonaly, Debi Thomas, and Evgenia Medvedeva

Goals: Pass all the Basics (through Basic 6)



Member Party

Our member party has been moved! It will now be held at Pam's house on August 7th from 11 am-3 pm. Invitation with the new time, date, and address will be handed out this week. There will be food, drinks, and a water slide! Bring your swimsuits, a towel, and sunscreen!

Merch Update

We know everyone is very excited for the merch to come in. When it arrives, we will send out an email to let everyone know when and how to pick up their order. In the meantime, let us know if you need anything!


Our second, and final, Camp of the summer begins Tuesday, July 6th. If you wish to participate and have not signed up yet, you can do so by signing onto and choosing the July Camp. You must sign up by the first class to be able to participate, even if you will miss one or more of the classes. Remember that Camp is for skaters currently in Basic 5 and above. If you need help signing up, or have singed up by mistake and need help getting a refund, please let us know either in person or by email at If you were signed up for our last Camp, and are joining us again, we will be adding on to what you have learned thus far. Hope to see you all there!

Learn to Skate's 5th Birthday 5K

Last month marked Learn to Skate USA's 5th birthday! To commemorate it LTS USA is offering a virtual 5K for all clubs to participate in and FSCLA will be joining in on the fun. Our 5K will be held on August 7th from 8 am-10 am, at St. Julien Park. The 5K is open to the public, not just skaters, so help us get the word out there! Everyone will have to register beforehand at As club members you are strongly encouraged to attend. This is a great opportunity to get outside and get active!


In Skating This Month

ISU Announces Grand Prix of Figure Skating Series Assignments

for 2021-22 Olympic Season

Top skaters are being placed at Figure Skating’s six staple events, set for October and November, with the Grand Prix Final to be held in Osaka, Japan, 9-12 December. In total 38 men, 44 women, 25 pairs teams, and 34 ice dance duos from 21 different countries are set to skate on the Grand Prix ice, getting ready for Beijing.

The series schedule is as follows:

  • Skate America, Las Vegas, 22-24 Oct.

  • Skate Canada, Vancouver, 29-31 Oct.

  • Cup of China, Chongqing, 5-7 Nov.

  • Grand Prix of Japan, Osaka, 12-14 Nov.

  • Internationaux de France, Grenoble, 19-21 Nov.

  • Grand Prix of Russia, Sochi, 26-28 Nov.

To find out more about which skaters are headed where in preparation for the Olympic Games Beijing 2022 you can read more on



"An athlete gains so much knowledge by just participating in a sport. Focus, discipline, hard work, goal setting, and of course, the thrill of finally achieving your goals. These are all lessons in life."

- Kristi Yamaguchi


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