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Old Skating Equipment Sale

Do you have old skates or skating dresses that you no longer wear or can't fit into anymore?

We might have a solution for you!

We would like to put together either a page on our website or an album on our Facebook page for everyone to sell their old skating stuff. This way all the new and growing skaters can benefit from others who have come before. This will help keep the cost down for skaters. We have done a resale in the past and it was a huge success.

How will this work?

  • Send the following information to contact@fscoflouisiana.com

  • Picture of Item to be sold

  • Description of Item

  • Amount you would like to sell it for

  • Contact information of seller

  • Buyers will contact the Seller directly.

  • Buyers will pay Seller directly.

  • FSCLA will just host the information for all sellers

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us. And if you are ready to start selling your skating stuff, please email us with all the information above.

We will probably start hosting it on our Facebook page first, and then we will move it to our website later.

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