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Non-FSCLA Member

If you are not a FSCLA Member, but would like to coach during our club Freestyle sessions, the following items need to be submitted to the Board for approval.

  • LTS USA Instructor Membership or USFS Coach Membership

  • Safe Sport Compliant

  • Insurance

  • Background Check

  • Signed Coach's Code of Conduct

Once you have all of the documents, and the Code of Conduct signed, you will email it over to, with the subject line stating Your Name | Guest Coaching Request.

Once received, give 24-72 hours for the FSCLA Board to review your request.  An email will be sent to you with either the approval or a denial.  If there is a denial, there will be a reason as to why your request was denied. 

If you are approved, you will just need to register for ice time as a non-member.

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